Bathroom Redo…

Original Post Date January 29, 2019

My husband and I have been wanting to remodel our bathrooms to bring them a little more up to date and add some of our styles to them.

The first project was the guest bathroom which was just completed a couple of weeks ago. It took approximately 2 months to complete since my husband did all the work himself, so he had to squeeze in the work when he could. My only contribution was the basic design and the refinished vanity. I also helped paint the walls and the ceiling (which was not part of the plan but turned out to be a benefit to the design) which are 2 different colors.

The completed project!
The only existing items used were the refinished vanity and the painted medicine cabinet.
The vanity was raised by a custom frame.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the final outcome! There were a couple minor obstacles that changed some of the original plans but we overcame and are actually glad for them!

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