Garden Restoration…

Original Post Date May 8, 2019

I’ve had this cute wooden planter in my garden for several years. Over time the wood had warped and the chalkboard center just withered away. I decided to try to restore it and completely fill it with some succulents.

I couldn’t find a good pic of the way before since I had attempted to fix it by nailing some of it back together a few months prior. When I finally decided to work on it it wasn’t as “fixed” as I thought. I also had to find something to replace the chalkboard center since it was a giant hole now.
I decided to just use another piece of cardboard since I needed the flexibility to accommodate some of the warping. I cut a piece down to size and painted it matte black.
I then printed out a cute little saying on a piece of paper. Then I traced over it with some white transfer paper.
I then went back over the tracing with a chalk pen. You can see the difference here.
I then gave the front and back a good seal, so it will hopefully hold up outdoors.

Then the fun began 😉 Of course once I started to mess with the structure most of it all fell apart. The older nails were rusted and the new nails I had previously used weren’t holding well. So I decided to use some glue and just put it back together that way. I then added the new center and let it dry.
Once it was dry I was able to add some embellishments. The bottom right corner was so warped I had to improvise and glue in a shim and then add some stacked wooden hearts to disguise the imperfection. I also added some jute and moss and then my plants. It isn’t as full as I had wanted but it will hopefully fill up soon.

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